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Red Light (Official Music Video) – Zac Matthews x Millz Pe$o

Earlier in the year we brought you the single Red Light, now later in the year we bring you the visual. 

Shot/directed and edited by Yung Pedro

Produced by willygotflame

“Riding thru the city love the night life…”

SUBSTANCE – Zac Matthews (Music Video)

Zac Matthews drops an experimental visual with Dre Seavers of VotedMostCreative. The song titled “SUBSTANCE” produced by RioTheMechanic takes the listener on a journey through Zac‘s substance trip. Dre captures the essence perfectly in this visual and shows just how Zac is envisioning his experience. Check it out now!

Hulie – Use To It (Official Music Video)

Dir. willygotflame



NO SNAKES – Zac Matthews (feat. Dre Mickel, Brian Baker, and willflame)

Zac Matthews, Dre Mickel, Brian Baker and willflame all drop over this willflame produced track. The song states clearly that TheCoastEnt has “No Snakes” in it’s grass and intends to keep it that way. This track is off of Zac Matthews upcoming EP No Snakes in my Grass” due to release later this month. Released 8/24/15.

“No, no, no snakes in my grass yeah..”

Red Light (prod. willflame) Zac Matthews x Millz Pe$o

Zac Matthews & Millz Pe$o collaborate over this smooth willflame production..

“But the nightlife makes me feel some type of way..”

The Trip (An Instrumental Visual Treatment) 

“everything in life has a basic form. as humans we are very complex individuals. oftentimes we find ourselves roaming, searching or looking for some form of answer to our questions. the road to success is not a certain one, it is not defined, but is always attainable.”

music & visual produced by willflame

twitter: @willygotflame

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