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Zac Matthews – “LOOP” [An Auditory Learning Experience]

Zac Matthews drops a brand new song entitled “LOOP [An Auditory Learning Experience]” on soundcloud. Zac depicts a story through his lyrics in which a man makes decisions in life, or is it just about one man? The listener is left to decide in this smooth deeply hip-hop rooted track.

“Time keeps on slippin’ into the future… Don’t let it loop.”

The Trip (An Instrumental Visual Treatment) 

“everything in life has a basic form. as humans we are very complex individuals. oftentimes we find ourselves roaming, searching or looking for some form of answer to our questions. the road to success is not a certain one, it is not defined, but is always attainable.”

music & visual produced by willflame

twitter: @willygotflame

Millz Pe$o – The Flex Tape (Mixtape)

It’s finally here, Millz Pe$o finally drops his long awaited mixtape The Flex Tape. If you enjoy high energy bangers with song topics that range from the more serious side of matters to just plain turning up then this tape is for you. Pe$o demonstrates his versatility beautifully in this effort. The engineering on the tape was handled by willflame. Turn on the Flex Tape Intro and get ready for a hell of a ride that is “The Flex Tape” 

Show Alert: Dre Mickel x Vince Staples | July 15th 2015


Dre Mickel will be opening for XXL Freshman Vince Staples July 15th. You can expect to hear new music from his upcoming project So Misrepresented

Purchase Tickets Here For $15:

Or Contact Via: 

Millz Pe$o – Bright Lights (Music Video)

Millz Pe$o drops his video for Bright Lights from his upcoming mixtape The Flex Tape. Shot and directed by Joe Reynolds 

I want the bright lights, big screen, money power, the flashy things…

willflame Ft. Dre Mickel – Beach House

willflame and Dre Mickel drop some brand new music just in time for summer. Feel the vibes and ride the wave.

i had a dream i had a beach house

F.E.E.L.H. – Zac Matthews and Brian Baker

Zac Matthews” and Brian Baker” search for themselves in this unexpected reunion track titled “F.E.E.H.L.” (finding everlasting eternal happiness in life). They describe the feeling of finding what they describe as perfect happiness, whether it be through finding your passion, caring for the people closest to you, or just living your life as you deem fit. Sit back and vibe out to this deep yet bass filled track with a great message. Dropped exclusively through @anewplateau @brianbaker_

Dre Mickel x Talk Chickens – Playin’ Dumb 

Dre Mickel releases his second HUNNEDPE$OS produced track this month. This time, spitting a memorable verse along with Cleveland counterpart talkchickens. This is something you don’t wanna miss. so mistepresented coming soon





Dre Mickel – Pass It Off

Dre Mickel releases a single from his upcoming project “so misrepresented” produced by hunned pesos

I feel like pistol when I pass it off…

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