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No Snakes in my Grass EP – Zac Matthews

Zac Matthews drops his second project entitled “No Snakes in my Grass” entirely produced by in house producer willflame. Features on the project include Millz Pe$o, Dre Mickel, Brian Baker, and willflame. Released 8/28/15.

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PE$OHESS – Millz Pe$o (EP)

Millz Pe$o in collaboration with producer Joe Hess drop a six track EP titled PE$OHESS. 

Stream it now, and be sure to check out the video for “Up A Check”

Zac Matthews – “LOOP” [An Auditory Learning Experience]

Zac Matthews drops a brand new song entitled “LOOP [An Auditory Learning Experience]” on soundcloud. Zac depicts a story through his lyrics in which a man makes decisions in life, or is it just about one man? The listener is left to decide in this smooth deeply hip-hop rooted track.

“Time keeps on slippin’ into the future… Don’t let it loop.”

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