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No Snakes in my Grass EP – Zac Matthews

Zac Matthews drops his second project entitled “No Snakes in my Grass” entirely produced by in house producer willflame. Features on the project include Millz Pe$o, Dre Mickel, Brian Baker, and willflame. Released 8/28/15.

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Zac Matthews – “LOOP” [An Auditory Learning Experience]

Zac Matthews drops a brand new song entitled “LOOP [An Auditory Learning Experience]” on soundcloud. Zac depicts a story through his lyrics in which a man makes decisions in life, or is it just about one man? The listener is left to decide in this smooth deeply hip-hop rooted track.

“Time keeps on slippin’ into the future… Don’t let it loop.”

Zac Matthews – EXPAND


Zac Matthews is back formerly known as Zac Gatz with his project EXPAND and a hell of a visual shot by our own #GOODLOOKINPEDRO

#GMFTwelve (Prod. willflame)

“With a long list of notable up and coming Cleveland artists Captain, Sicksteen, willflame, Millz Pe$o, and Zac Mathews bring the heat with their song “#GMFTwelve.” First off I have to say will killed this beat with the single guitar notes and the drums. Each artist goes in on this song and howels, but is not ignorant about it. They get their point across and don’t waste anytime. Each person presents their verse in a subtle way. I enjoyed what each person had to say, but the way Will comes in on his verse has me hooked along with how catchy the hook itself is… No pun intended. FUCK 12!”

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